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AI Camp

$395 Purchase required to enroll

AI camp is designed to introduce your child to the exciting world of AI and machine learning. We use lots of existing tools and technologies to teach your child the basics of generative AI, prompt engineering, language models, computer vision, art and music generation, and more! Our experienced instructors will guide your child through hands-on activities and projects that will spark their creativity and help them develop skills that will be useful for their future. Sign up now and give your child the opportunity to discover the amazing possibilities of AI!

AI summer camp will cover a range of topics related to AI, including:

  • Introduction to AI: What is AI and how does it work?
  • Machine learning and Neural networks: How machines can think!
  • Natural language processing: Language models, sentiment analysis, and chatbots
  • Generative AI: Image and text generation and prompt engineering
  • Computer vision: Image recognition and object detection.
  • Ethics and bias in AI: Discussing the ethical considerations of AI and how to address bias in machine learning models
  • These topics will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of AI and its various applications, as well as hands-on experience working with AI tools and techniques.
Cancellation policy There are no credits or refunds for missed camp days. Camp days are non-transferable.
We reserve the right to modify or cancel camps if necessary, and in such cases, we will offer customers the option of a full refund or enrollment in a different camp.